Tail Chase

It was yet another rough several weeks for Fred. The artwork for the last couple of comics have taken more work than usual, and he’s had less time to draw with his son off of school for the holidays. But he did get some good comics done, and some progress on the visual novel. We’re hoping things will pick up again now with school starting again.


He drew the Kimikos for the scene at Megagamers where Piro rips the tail off of his costume. He still needs to finish the background for this scene, which is tricky because it follows a 360 spin as Piro chases his tail. Shadow has turned this into a quick minigame where you have to catch Piro’s tail. Fred needs to draw the tail as well, to replace the purple placeholder above.


Fred also drew a couple of new Pings for the scene where Piro and Largo return to Tsubasa’s apartment to find him having left for America. She stands there for a while as Piro reads his note, so we needed a couple more poses make it all feel less static.


Fred also drew another street scene for Yoyogi and got a little better organized with a character height chart. Next up should be finishing off the background and objects for the Tail Chase scene.

In other news, Thomas Knapp has finished the first draft of “The Great Underground Empire”, the next Megatokyo Endgames light novel. This one will continue Pirogoeth’s adventures from “The Daynish Campaign”.

As always, you can watch Fred work on the visual novel, comic, and other stuff live on Twitch. Fred had some real problems with Twitch streaming these past few weeks, but he got a new modem and that has made a real difference. Join us for the live draws. They’re a lot of fun.

Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you all very much for your patience and your support.

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  1. Journeyman

    Yay updates!! No worries on the timing, it’s lovely to see that this epic project is still moving along ^^ I sometimes forget about it, I admit (I don’t go into my Backed Projects area of kickstarter too often), so I really appreciate the email heads-ups and these blog updates!

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