Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game going to be voiced?
No. The cost of hiring voice actors for a project of this size would easily be more than the entire amount we got from the Kickstarter campaign. Add in the logistical hurdles and it’s just not going to happen.
I was in one of the Beta Tester tiers on Kickstarter. When does it start? What do I need to do next?

The beta program will start when it starts. That’s a Valve-esque answer, yes, but it’s all we can say right now. We’re hoping to get things going sometime in September, though.

As for what to do, make an account on our forums and use your Kickstarter e-mail address to register. That way we can just look you up on the list when we’re ready to start instead of sending Mugi to hunt you down. We’ll have more information as we get closer to launching.

What platforms will the game be on?
Windows, OS X, and Linux.
What about Android? iOS? PS Vita? Xbox One?
We’re looking into a number of possibilities, but due to the time and cost involved in porting a game engine to a new platform, we’re not promising anything. What we will say is that an Android port is more likely than the others, but it’s still no guarantee.
I have some programming experience. Can I help?
We appreciate the offer, but we have enough people on staff at the moment. What you can do is participate in the beta testing (if you’re eligible), get the word out, and support Megatokyo in whatever way you can!

5 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

    1. TheSHAD0W

      We’re still pretty far away from talking about distribution, but you’ll definitely be able to buy the finished game *somehow*. Note that I think only Kickstarter participants will have beta access, I don’t believe there will be any “early access” sales. You’ll have to wait for the finished game.

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