Monthly Archives: August 2016


Fred still has been busy these last few weeks dealing with issues related to the failing health of his parents, but he did get some good stuff done, including work on the visual novel.

MegagamersOutside MegagamersCounter

For the visual novel, Fred got some good work done, including nice backgrounds for both outside and inside of the Megagamers store. This inside background from behind the counter will be used a lot, so Fred was careful to do things in layers to make it possible to put characters behind the counter or center island and to handle later scenes after the fanboys have trashed the store.


Fred also got a little more work done on part 2 of the omake kinetic novel. This flashback scene of Sunay at the beach should look familiar to anyone who has read Chemi’s Megatokyo Endgames novel “Fire Fox”.

_save_point__and_her_bomber_crew__color__by_fredrin-dacwlt2 kimiko_scavenger_hunt__color__by_fredrin-dacwkmf

And Fred also drew and colored some more character development drawings, including the crew of the ‘Save Point’, Piro and Kimiko on a scavenger hunt, and Doll Girl at the Cave of Evil reconstruction. Originals of these artworks and many comic panels (as well as some less expensive prints) are available in the Megagear store. Buying artwork is a great way to help support MegaTokyo.

The forum on the visual novel site has been swamped with bot-spam, which has overwhelmed our ability to handle it. We have temporarily put the forum into maintenance mode while we figure out what to do. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As always, you can watch Fred work on the visual novel, comic, and other stuff live on Twitch. Join us for the live draws. They’re a lot of fun.

Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you all very much for your patience and your support.