Fred had more family and life issues these last few weeks, but he still managed to get some good work done, including more progress on the visual novel.


The playthrough review Fred did a few weeks ago generated a good sized to-do list of stuff that needs cleaned up and tweaked. Most of the cleanup issues are from the early scenes, before we got settled on how to do things. Above, you can see a new background for outside of E3 as well as a redrawn Largo. These were way too sketchy with the initial drawings, but are much better now. There will be more of this kind of thing to come.


Fred also made some model drawings of Piroko. Java plans to use these drawings to develop a 3D model of Piroko for use in the BakaQuake video. We’ve been struggling with figuring out how to make this work right, but we think we have a way forward now. We also think we’ve overcome some of the things there were holding up work on the Piro-route OP, so that should be moving forward now as well.


Fred put out 4 comics in April, and plans to try for 5 in May. The support for Fred’s new Patreon has made a big difference here. Thank you very much to the supporters.


Thomas Knapp released his latest Megatokyo Endgames light novel “The Great Underground Empire”. This one is the further adventures of Pirogoeth following the events in the last book. You can find it on Amazon, Barnes-and-Noble, or Kobo in both print and ebook.


Fred managed a couple more development artworks, including the Ping above from his ‘Save Point’ alt universe.


And finally, Fred added a few new emotes for subscribers to his Twitch channel. These are all girls from Megatokyo, except for the 2nd one, who is Taisiya from his planned reboot of Warmth. Fred does almost all of his drawing work live on Twitch, so join us for the livedraws.

As always, sorry this is taking so long. Thank you all very much for your patience and your support.


2 thoughts on “Cleanup

  1. shadowrunner23

    sorry to hear fred is having more issues. loving the dev work on the Save Point universe, it’s really interesting ^^. can;t wait for another beta test though, eagerly awaiting it.

    The Great Underground Empire was another awesome book too , congrats to Mr. Knapp.

  2. Sachiisez

    A bummer to hear of more issues for Fred – hope it gets more positive for him and his family soon. Loving how there are more comics each month, hoping Fred will get back to that soon, and completely understand if it is just not possible atm. Keep up the good work VN team too! I enjoying reading these development blogs, very insightful as to what actually is going into the VN.

    Laughter and Sunshine!

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