Fred made some good progress on a number of fronts these past few weeks, including the Visual Novel. But since he has so many projects going at once, he’s spread a little thin.


We made some progress on the Visual Novel. Fred went back and cleaned up a number of missing Largo and Tsubasa drawings. Then he did some of the backgrounds and other artwork for the bookstore scene where we first meet Yuki, Asako, and Mami. The purple squares you see are our reminder that some character images need checked yet. They will be removed once Fred has given them the final seal of approval.


Shadow took some of Fred’s drawings and made a nice little animation in Renpy for when Piro knocks over the table of books.

Warmth ep1p4

Fred made a lot of progress on Warmth. He got some good final coloring done, the dialogue laid in, and a synopsis finished for submission. Things aren’t finalized yet, but the publisher he’s talking to sounds very happy with it.

CharacterDev Colored

Fred continued work on his character development sketches. He did Ayanokouji and started Ninamori, to finish off Junko’s posse of friends. Then he started coloring them, which looks very nice. These should be up for sale in the Megagear store soon.


Chemi’s latest Endgames novel Dire Water was released a couple of weeks ago. This one features Sunay, who is Mugi’s Endgames character. If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can buy it in paperback, or for the Kindle or Nook.

Now that Warmth is in a good place for the moment, Fred’s plan over the next few weeks is to concentrate on the Visual Novel, the between-chapters MegaTokyo omake, and some more artwork for the Megagear store. You can watch a lot of this work live as it happens by tuning in to Fred’s Twitch livedraws.

The Visual Novel is coming along, but very slowly. For the second anniversary of the Kickstarter in July, we’re planning to release a preview of what we have so far, so y’all can get a good sense of how the game is looking.  I think you are going to really like it. Thank you for your support and for your patience.

Dire Water

Fred made decent progress in the last few weeks on all the various projects he’s trying to get done at the same time, including some nice work on the visual novel.


One of the big things he finished was the cover to Chemi’s new Megatokyo Endgames novel Dire Water, which will be available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook on March 13. This book focuses on Sunay, who is Mugi’s Endgames character. Give it a try, I really enjoyed the last one.


Fred also finished the artwork for the first 8 pages of the reboot of Warmth and started some coloring work. He still needs to finish the coloring and lay in the dialog, but it’s looking pretty good.


Fred got back to work on the visual novel, cranking out some backgrounds. Above you can see two from Piro’s wanderings in Roppongi.


Fred also continued his series of character development sketches. This is Tounomoto (aka poofy-pigtail girl). She’s one of Junko’s posse and has been seen a number of times in Megatokyo, though not yet named in-comic. Fred’s artwork often drives his story ideas, and he says he has a good story go with this sketch as well.


And finally, a reminder that there are a number of one-of-a-kind original arts available in the Megagear store. There are still some pretty iconic scenes left, and this is a great way to help support MT.

Busy busy busy

Fred has done a lot of good work over the last few weeks. Unfortunately, little of it has been on the visual novel. Once he gets a few of these other projects wrapped up, we should be back on the MTVN work.

Taisiya Truck

If you’ve been tuning in to his Twitch livedraws [], you’ll know the big thing Fred has been working on is a reboot of his old comic “Warmth”. Above you can see Taisiya almost getting run over. This will be part of an upcoming DarkHorse anthology, so Fred is working on a deadline. It looks pretty good so far.

Fred has also been working on MT omake that goes between chapters 11 and 12. He’s doing it in kinetic novel style as an animated gif. A kinetic novel is like a visual novel, but without the branching and choices. This is all in the same “slow animation” approach that we’re using for the visual novel itself.

Mumu and Mami

He been working on a couple of new development sketches. Above you can see the completed sketch of Aoi Mumu, the host of the radio show that Kimiko appeared on in comic 695. You can also see the start of a nice looking sketch of Mami.

Miho Blanket

Fred has also been working on a new Miho blanket to go with the recent Mugi blanket. He’s gone through a couple of iterations on the Miho drawing, but isn’t quite satisfied with it yet. It will take a bit more work, but good news that a Miho blanket is in the works.

Mugi Blankets

And finally, the Mugi blankets arrived at MegaTokyo World Headquarters for those who preordered. Fred has been busy shipping those out to all. If you missed out on the preorder, Fred will likely have another later in the year.

A big thank you to all who bought blankets, calendars, prints, originals, books, and all the other MT related swag that Fred sells. It’s your support that makes MegaTokyo possible.

New Year

Happy new year to everyone. We made some good progress over the holidays.


Fred finished the pencil core drawings for Mami, Asako, Yanagisawa, and Yuki, and started the process of assembling bodies with faces in all the different variations. If you have been tuning in to Fred’s Twitch broadcasts lately [], you’ll have seen that this involves a lot of grinding in Photoshop. It’s been a little slow with this first set of characters, but Fred has been refining his technique and it is getting faster as we go along. Fred is feeling pretty good about this approach.

He has the initial core variations for Mami, Asako, and Yuki done for “torso Left”, which is 245 total drawings so far. He’s going to work on the “torso Right” variations next, which should go easier. Unfortunately, Fred can’t just mirror the current drawings in Photoshop because the girls aren’t totally symmetrical. But he can use the mirrored drawings as a starting point, which should make it go much faster than drawing from scratch.

In other news, Chemi has finished the first draft of Dire Water, his next Endgames light novel. With the start of the new year, the 2015 Megatokyo Calendar is now discounted in the Megagear store []. And the Mugi blankets are now in production for all those who preordered.

Fred is going to be working on more core character variations next, as well as the next comic. So tune in to his Twitch broadcast and join us for the live draw.

Shopping Spree

Fred has been busy lately trying to get Megagear orders shipped in time for xmas. But he has had time to do a couple of comics and make some nice progress on the visual novel.


Fred drew the shop interiors for Piro’s shopping trip to Akihabara. The screenshot above is for the figure shop “Fig’s”. Piro will be able to buy some of the stuff in these stores, and some of that will have effects on how the story unfolds. Shadow has been busy making the purchase mechanism actually work in the game.


If you’ve been tuning in to Fred’s Twitch broadcasts lately, you’ve also seen him working on some core character art. Above is a typical Yuki body. With his light table, he’s able to draw new variations of common outfits and poses much more quickly by tracing previous variations and not having to start completely from scratch.


He has been drawing the faces for these core character arts separately, again using the light table. We’ll be assembling the bodies with the faces in Photoshop to create a number of different variations. He has finished Mami, Asako, Yanagisawa, and most of Yuki recently. So far we’re feeling good about this new approach to the character art.


Fred has also been doing a series of development drawings for various characters, such as the lovely Asako above. This is part of the creative process for the alternative branches and routes in the visual novel, and perhaps for the core comic story. Fred comes up with a lot of his “writing” ideas while he’s drawing stuff. Some of these drawings will incorporated directly into the visual novel, and they’ll all be available as prints in the Megagear store.

Tower of Kartage

It was another slow couple of weeks for the Visual Novel as Fred tried to get a few other things finished up and out of the way. Hopefully another week or so and he’ll be back to work on the comic and VN fulltime.

TowerOfKartageFinal One of the things Fred was working on was the final cover to Chemiclord’s new Megatokyo Endgames novel: The Tower of Kartage. You can buy it now in paperback or for the Kindle from Amazon or for the Nook from Barnes and Noble. It looks pretty good.

Now that The Tower of Kartage is finished, Chemi has been back at work (with a little help from Shadow and I) writing some filler and branch scenes for the VN, including some of the early ends where Piro and Largo go home rather than stay in Japan. Fred will still apply his magic touch to the final product, but as with the core route scripting, we’re trying to get it most of the way there to minimize the Fred-time needed and get the game done faster.


Fred has also spent a lot of time trying to finish up the Megatokyo 2015 Swimsuit Calendar. It has been a lot of work, but it should be done soon and available in the newly reopened Megagear store.


Speaking of the Megagear store, Fred also put more one-of-a-kind original arts up for sale. Most of them sold very quickly, but there are still a few left, like the lovely Miho above. Fred also has a large number of new prints, including some lovely Mugis, that he will be making available in the store soon.

For those of you expecting Kickstarter rewards, they have not shipped yet, largely because of the slow progress on the VN itself. Don’t worry if you have moved in the meantime. Fred will verify everyone’s address through Kickstarter before shipping anything out, though that is likely still a ways off.

And finally, a reminder that Fred broadcasts a lot of his drawing work for the comic, VN, calendar, and other stuff on Twitch. He will often announce when he is drawing live on his Twitter or Facebook page, but not always. The best way to make sure you catch a livedraw is to follow him on Twitch and have them notify you when Fred goes live. Join us for the livedraws. They are a lot of fun.

Back to School

It was another slow couple of weeks on the Visual Novel front, as Fred put time in on some other things. VN work should start picking back up soon though. Fred and Sarah’s son Jack started back to school, which should give Fred a lot more time for work.


Fred did draw enough Largos to finish off the current Tsubasa apartment scene and into the aftermath. He has also started work on a core set of character images for Largo. That should help us move forward more quickly, once he has it done.


Fred also redrew the main background for the shopping trip in Akihabara. The foreground items, storefronts, and the interiors are on separate layers which move at different speeds as you pan across. It gives it a 3d parallax effect that is really neat. Fred still needs to draw the store interiors, but this was a big step forward.


Fred finished the cover art for Chemiclord’s upcoming Endgames novel about the adventures of young Pirogoeth. Chemi’s recent back surgery was a success, and he’s back at work getting the book finished. It should be out fairly soon, so keep an eye out on Fred’s twitter or facebook, or at Chemi’s blog:


Fred has been doing writing and some initial drawing to revive his old b-comic Warmth. The screenshot above was from some coloring experiments. Hopefully we’ll have more news about Warmth soon.

Fred cleaned up the warehouse and reopened the MegaGear store. His t-shirt printer is still broken, so t-shirts and hoodies are not currently for sale. But the old posters, fine art prints, and various swag are once again available. Fred is looking into alternatives for t-shirts, and he is working on other new stuff for the store.


One of those new things for the store is the 2015 MegaTokyo swimsuit calendar. He will color it, but he is doing the base drawings first, including the lovely Junko above. Look for the calendar soon at

I’m back… sorta.

Hello, everyone, Chemiclord here.  I’ve been the quiet one of the development team, with the feeling that once I have something worth saying, I’ll say it.

I was brought onto this project to help Fred with the writing of scripts and alternate paths… and well… it hasn’t really shaped up that way.  Soon after accepting the position, I was laid up with a herniated disc that really limited just what I could do.

Finally, this morning, after all the X-rays, MRIs, nerve block procedures, medications, and other various pokings and proddings, it culminated in surgery to remove part of the L5-S1 disc.  The surgery itself was a success (so successful that the doctors in charge didn’t even feel the need to keep me overnight), but now comes the recovery.  I won’t be back to full speed quickly, but at least I can start to provide the help I was hired to do.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the Endgames novels, and on that score I’ve been able to push through the first draft and begin the revision process.  The goal is to have that ready for sale by the end of the month.  I’ll try to keep people interested updated on my personal blogspace at TKO Creations.

Thank you for the thoughts, and I’ll try to update soon with reports of actual work done!

Process Tweaks

It was not the best couple of weeks for progress on the Visual Novel. Fred and family were away for a few days. Then when he got back, he had some frustrating struggles trying to get finished with the rest of the scenes in Tsubasa’s apartment. We will be making another couple of process changes to try to improve things going forward. He did get some stuff done though.


As I mentioned before, I am doing the initial ren’py scripts based on Fred’s storyboard thumbnails, and then Fred has been tweaking the script and drawing the artwork. The above screenshot is one example. The initial script had Largo enter standing on the left opposite Tsubasa. Having him in the background playing games works better. It’s a good change.

But Fred is finding those kind of script code changes difficult in practice. He’s making mistakes and misreading the code, which takes time and leaves him frustrated. That’s not surprising. Fred’s a smart guy, but he’s a comic artist, not a programmer. He can do it; it’s just not easy for him. To try to improve this, Fred will be doing less code tweaking himself, and will instead tell me or Shad0w what he wants changed and we’ll code it for him. Hopefully this will leave him less frustrated and give him more time to draw.

Up till now, we have been letting the script drive what artwork Fred needs to draw. This was intended to limit the character drawings that Fred had to make to only those that were actually used. We’re finding though that this is allowing us too much freedom in specifying the artwork in script, which ends up making Fred do more artwork.

Fred hit one of those this past week, where he drew a new Tsubasa facial expression, but found the result nearly identical to one that he had already drawn. It was a frustrating waste of time and effort. To try to minimize this going forward, Fred is going to draw a core set of character images, in the common standing position, with common facial expressions, and with the common torso, head, eye, and mouth positions. Then when I do the initial scripts and Fred tweaks them, we will first see if one of those core drawings will work, before we specify something new. Hopefully this will result in fewer total character drawings in the end.

In other Visual Novel news, Shad0w has been working on the minigames, Klange has been working on the data infrastructure to support them, and DarkMorford has been working on overall organization. It sounds like they are coming along nicely.

TheShaggyFreak has posted some more samples of the background music to the Beta section of the visual novel forum. If you are a registered beta tester, go check them out.

Chemiclord had done a little more writing for some filler areas and for the branch and alternate routes. But he is currently laid up with serious back problems, which has made things difficult. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Fred’s son Jack starts school this week, which should give him more time to draw. We’re hopeful that and our process tweaks will get the Visual Novel production cranked back up again. Fred is also looking at reopening the MegaGamers store reasonably soon, though his T-shirt printer remains out of commission and he’s still struggling to decide what to do there.