Monthly Archives: June 2017

New Server and Forum

The past several weeks have been up and down for Fred and Megatokyo. Fred’s dad had surgery, and with his age and health issues that required a lot of help from Fred. Also, Fred struggled with the comics over the last month. He’s happy with the results, but the actual process of creating them was more difficult and time-consuming than usual.

Fred did get some work done on the visual novel, continuing to clean up and improve some of the early Largo character drawings. Hopefully the comic production will flow better again soon, and that’ll leave him more time for visual novel work.

In spite of Fred’s struggles with the comic, he did just meet his goal of getting 4 comics done for May, and they’re good ones. The first comic for June should be coming soon. Thanks again to supporters of Fred’s Patreon for helping make the more frequent comics possible.

Speaking of the comic, the main Megatokyo website has been moved to a new server. Fred drew the picture above of the new server (Yumemi) comforting the old server (Akiko), who is very tired. With Yumemi, the site should be faster and more reliable than with poor tired Akiko.

We also updated the Megatokyo forums to a new server and updated software. Posts from the old forum were not brought forward to the new, but the old forum is still visible if you want to look at an old post. People who had visited the old forum while logged in sometime in the last year have had their accounts migrated to the new site. This new forum should also be faster and more reliable than the old. The forum for discussion of the Megatokyo Visual Novel is now part of the main Megatokyo Forum, where hopefully it will not get overrun by spambots like the old VN forum was.

Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you all very much for your patience and your support.