Monthly Archives: February 2017


It was a fairly productive few weeks since the last update. Fred ended up in the emergency room with a kidney stone, which wiped him out for a few days. But other than that, he got a little work done on a whole lot of different things, including two comics and some work on the visual novel.


Fred got the 360 degree background done for the visual novel scene where Piro chases his tail. Shadow rigged up a quick little game where you spin around and have to catch the tail. It works pretty well, I think. You get distracted for just a minute, and that makes Kimiko showing up as much a surprise to the player as it is to Piro.


Fred also did a lot of work on new thumbnail storyboards for the BakaQuake scene. We had initially hoped to do something fancy here, actually using the quake engine to make a short movie. But that has proved much more difficult than we had thought. We haven’t given up on it, but these storyboards will go in its place for now. The to-do list for Piro canon route Book 1 is getting ever shorter. It feels good to be approaching a milestone.


Fred also got a little more work done on Warmth and drew couple of new Save Point bomber girl scenes (including the Yaku above). I think he has almost enough already for a Save Point calendar later this year. He also started on the cover for Chemi’s next Megatokyo Endgames novel “The Great Underground Empire”, and he got the new Miho blankets on order.

In spite of this being a reasonably productive few weeks, Fred would like to be doing more: especially comics and visual novel. He has a plan. More news on that soon.

Fred streams his drawing work live on Twitch. He’s had some problems lately with his Comcast line, but he’s working on trying to get that fixed. Join us for the live draws. They’re a lot of fun.

Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you all very much for your patience and your support.