Monthly Archives: January 2016

Comics Again

Sorry for the late update post. Fred has got a good bit done over the last few weeks, but not so much on the Visual Novel. YakuAndNurseJoy The big thing that Fred has been doing lately is putting out Megatokyo comics again on just about a weekly basis. In the last few, we’ve seen what looks like a guest appearance by Nurse Joy and the introduction of Mugi’s daughter Yakugashi. Fred’s plan for this year is to do at least one comic per week, then try to tackle all his other projects in the time remaining.


One of those other projects is Fred’s new b-comic ‘Warmth’. He got the pencil drawings and most of the photoshop cleanup done for chapter 2. Coloring with copic markers will be next, and then on to chapter 3. You can watch Fred do this and just about all of his other drawing work live on twitch.


Another project that is making some slow progress is the 2nd chapter of the omake kinetic novel. Chemi, Shadow, and I did some more first pass scripting, and Fred has started to review and edit. We’re hopeful this will be ready before too much longer.


Fred also got some more concept artwork done, including the ones with Junko’s posse and Mugi above. Fred did a lot of this kind of thing over the last year, in part to improve his coloring skills. This past week, he made about 20 of these prints available in the Megagear store.


Speaking of the Megagear store, the new Kimiko blankets arrived at MT world headquarters this week. It will take him a few weeks to get them all mailed out to people who ordered.

Fred is anxious to get back to work on the MT Visual Novel again. As usual, he has more projects than time to do it. But we’re also excited that comic production is going well again. Once Fred is really back in the groove there, we’re hopeful that will leave more time for Visual Novel work.

Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you all once again for your support and patience.