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Welcome, Beta Testers!

Hi, everyone. I’m DarkMorford, and in addition to being the lead developer on the VN project and the site admin here, I’m also in charge of coordinating the beta test program.

Now, I’ll get the bad news out of the way first: No, we are not starting the testing just yet. We know there hasn’t been a lot of news lately, but that’s how the early stages of these things go. Lots of behind-the-scenes planning, writing, and just generally getting set up to do the rest efficiently.

The good news is that we are opening up the Beta Testers group on our forums. This is an opt-in group, which means you need to go to the Usergroups tab of your User Control Panel and request to join the group there. I’ll be running a script that checks the email account you used on the forum against the list of beta testers from Kickstarter, so it may take a day or two before you’re approved. You won’t get an email when this happens; you’ll know you’ve been accepted when you can see the “Beta Chatter” forum. If it’s been a few days and your request still hasn’t gone through, feel free to send me a message on the forum or e-mail me and I’ll take a look at it.

Just to be clear, if you intend to participate in the beta program, you MUST create an account on the forums and join the Beta Testers group. That’s the only place we’ll be distributing the beta versions, and the only official place to discuss it and give us feedback.