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Tower of Kartage

It was another slow couple of weeks for the Visual Novel as Fred tried to get a few other things finished up and out of the way. Hopefully another week or so and he’ll be back to work on the comic and VN fulltime.

TowerOfKartageFinal One of the things Fred was working on was the final cover to Chemiclord’s new Megatokyo Endgames novel: The Tower of Kartage. You can buy it now in paperback or for the Kindle from Amazon or for the Nook from Barnes and Noble. It looks pretty good.

Now that The Tower of Kartage is finished, Chemi has been back at work (with a little help from Shadow and I) writing some filler and branch scenes for the VN, including some of the early ends where Piro and Largo go home rather than stay in Japan. Fred will still apply his magic touch to the final product, but as with the core route scripting, we’re trying to get it most of the way there to minimize the Fred-time needed and get the game done faster.


Fred has also spent a lot of time trying to finish up the Megatokyo 2015 Swimsuit Calendar. It has been a lot of work, but it should be done soon and available in the newly reopened Megagear store.


Speaking of the Megagear store, Fred also put more one-of-a-kind original arts up for sale. Most of them sold very quickly, but there are still a few left, like the lovely Miho above. Fred also has a large number of new prints, including some lovely Mugis, that he will be making available in the store soon.

For those of you expecting Kickstarter rewards, they have not shipped yet, largely because of the slow progress on the VN itself. Don’t worry if you have moved in the meantime. Fred will verify everyone’s address through Kickstarter before shipping anything out, though that is likely still a ways off.

And finally, a reminder that Fred broadcasts a lot of his drawing work for the comic, VN, calendar, and other stuff on Twitch. He will often announce when he is drawing live on his Twitter or Facebook page, but not always. The best way to make sure you catch a livedraw is to follow him on Twitch and have them notify you when Fred goes live. Join us for the livedraws. They are a lot of fun.

Back to School

It was another slow couple of weeks on the Visual Novel front, as Fred put time in on some other things. VN work should start picking back up soon though. Fred and Sarah’s son Jack started back to school, which should give Fred a lot more time for work.


Fred did draw enough Largos to finish off the current Tsubasa apartment scene and into the aftermath. He has also started work on a core set of character images for Largo. That should help us move forward more quickly, once he has it done.


Fred also redrew the main background for the shopping trip in Akihabara. The foreground items, storefronts, and the interiors are on separate layers which move at different speeds as you pan across. It gives it a 3d parallax effect that is really neat. Fred still needs to draw the store interiors, but this was a big step forward.


Fred finished the cover art for Chemiclord’s upcoming Endgames novel about the adventures of young Pirogoeth. Chemi’s recent back surgery was a success, and he’s back at work getting the book finished. It should be out fairly soon, so keep an eye out on Fred’s twitter or facebook, or at Chemi’s blog:


Fred has been doing writing and some initial drawing to revive his old b-comic Warmth. The screenshot above was from some coloring experiments. Hopefully we’ll have more news about Warmth soon.

Fred cleaned up the warehouse and reopened the MegaGear store. His t-shirt printer is still broken, so t-shirts and hoodies are not currently for sale. But the old posters, fine art prints, and various swag are once again available. Fred is looking into alternatives for t-shirts, and he is working on other new stuff for the store.


One of those new things for the store is the 2015 MegaTokyo swimsuit calendar. He will color it, but he is doing the base drawings first, including the lovely Junko above. Look for the calendar soon at

I’m back… sorta.

Hello, everyone, Chemiclord here.  I’ve been the quiet one of the development team, with the feeling that once I have something worth saying, I’ll say it.

I was brought onto this project to help Fred with the writing of scripts and alternate paths… and well… it hasn’t really shaped up that way.  Soon after accepting the position, I was laid up with a herniated disc that really limited just what I could do.

Finally, this morning, after all the X-rays, MRIs, nerve block procedures, medications, and other various pokings and proddings, it culminated in surgery to remove part of the L5-S1 disc.  The surgery itself was a success (so successful that the doctors in charge didn’t even feel the need to keep me overnight), but now comes the recovery.  I won’t be back to full speed quickly, but at least I can start to provide the help I was hired to do.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the Endgames novels, and on that score I’ve been able to push through the first draft and begin the revision process.  The goal is to have that ready for sale by the end of the month.  I’ll try to keep people interested updated on my personal blogspace at TKO Creations.

Thank you for the thoughts, and I’ll try to update soon with reports of actual work done!