Monthly Archives: March 2017


Fred had a pretty productive few weeks since the last update, including some good work on the visual novel, three new megatokyo comics, and setting up his new Patreon site.


For the visual novel, he photoshopped a bunch of his existing backgrounds to turn them into night scenes. He also redrew or tweaked some of the existing character art. The Largo above had looked a little strange in the first version, but this is much better. Fred and Shadow also worked on the timing for the temporary BakaQuake scene. We still hope to replace that with something much better eventually, but the current version is actually kinda neat.

We’re getting even closer to finishing up the Piro canon route for Book 1. Fred still has some misc objects to draw, DarkMorford is finishing up the OP, and we’ll need to do some serious playthrough testing and polishing. But it feels really good to have a milestone in sight.


Fred also drew another of his Bomber Girls series. This one is on the Flight Deck, with the ghost of Asako floating in the background.

One of the big things Fred got done these last few weeks was finally setting up a Patreon site. The idea is to provide a way for people to support the comic directly, so he can spend more time making comics and less time making drawings intended for sale. You can read all about it in his Rant on the Megatokyo site or go straight to the Patreon site itself. Please consider supporting, and a big Thank You to all who already have.

Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you all very much for your patience and your support.