Monthly Archives: May 2016

Moar Omnibus Prep

Only a little progress on the visual novel in the last few weeks as Fred spent a lot of time trying to finish up prep work for the Megatokyo Omnibus 2, keep up regular comic production, and deal with his ongoing family health issues. He is nearly done with the omnibus now, and we hope to be doing more visual novel work soon.

A little progress was made on the visual novel, though. DarkMorford got started on the opening video for the Piro route, using some of the artwork that Fred has already made plus a nice new song from TheShaggyFreak featuring Miku. We also had people scouring the interwebs to find some old MegaTokyo character Quake mods. We’re hoping to be able to use those for the upcoming BakaQuake scene, if we can track down the original creators and get permission.


I hadn’t realized quite how much work is involved in getting a book ready for publication, even for a collection like the MT Omnibus 2. Fred spent a lot of time finding and fixing up old comics and artwork, laying out what should be included and how it should be arranged in a giant spreadsheet, and creating some new items where needed.


One of the big items there was extending the front cover he had made for the Omnibus 2 to wrap around the spine and cover the back as well. He’s not quite done with the omnibus, but he’s close, and is eager to get back to visual novel work once this is done.


Also book-related, Fred finished the cover artwork for Chemi’s next Megatokyo Endgames novel, “The Daynish Campaign”, which is tentatively scheduled for release on May 20.


Fred does most of his drawing work live on Twitch, and he’s recently created Miho and Mugi emotes for subscribers to his channel. Please join us for the livedraws. They are a lot of fun.

Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you all very much for your patience and your support.