Monthly Archives: July 2017

Even Moar Largos

Fred had an ok past few weeks production-wise, including visual novel, comic, and other art work.

Fred got more of the sketchy early backgrounds and Largo characters redrawn. These early scenes were from before we really had a handle on how to do this well. So there were a lot of different Largo poses that were drawn, with little effort to reuse or modify existing character drawings. Fred is paying for that all over again as he redraws some of that early work to improve the quality of the artwork.

We struggled a bit with deciding where to stop on redoing Largo drawings. But we’re now going to just redo the ones up until they leave for the Japan. The ones on the plane and at Narita are good enough, and we’re better off moving on. There are still a couple more early Largo’s to redraw, and then a longer list of minor tweaks and fixes to the Book 1 Piro canon route. That’s next.

Shadow also made some technical improvements to our stand-in BakaQuake scene. It had been taking up way to much memory and resources, but he’s made some significant improvements there. Our original concept for the BakaQuake scene is still stuck in development, so we will likely be using this stand-in for some time yet. I think the stand-in works pretty well though.

Fred hit his 4 comic per month target for June and got a jump on the comics for July. Thank you very much to supporters of his Patreon for helping make this possible. If you haven’t caught up on the most recent comics, Ninjagrrl (above) is a lot of fun.

Fred also worked on a few more story development artworks. Above you can see Junpei and Yaku in a possible future scene. Junpei’s hair is normally striped with blue, but he’s blonde here. It will be interesting if/when we find out the reason why. The color and pencil versions of this drawing as well as many of the original pencil drawings from recent comics are available in the Megagear store.

Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you all very much for your patience and your support.