Monthly Archives: February 2016


It was another rough couple of weeks for Fred, as dealing with his parents’ health problems has taken up a lot of his time. He has struggled to meet his weekly comic goal, let alone have time to work on the visual novel and other projects. But that has started to ease up some lately. He got some visual novel work done this past week and will hopefully be back on track with regular production soon.


For the visual novel work, Fred got some work done on the bookbag search minigame and much of the scene where Piro gives Kimiko his railcard. Above you can see the outside of Takaido railstation.


And here are a series of Kimikos showing her reactions for part of the railcard scene.

This visual novel has really become like drawing the entire comic all over again, but with the better (and much more time-consuming) artwork that Fred is capable of now, and with significantly more artwork in total. The ‘slow animation’ approach Fred is taking to this visual novel looks great, but it requires more character poses, expressions, and such than the comic did. And where comic panels can often have limited or no background, that doesn’t look right in the visual novel. As we get further into the comic, scenes will stay in places like Megagamers for longer periods and we should be able to reuse some artwork. But the early part of the story jumps around so much that Fred is having to draw everything from scratch. If you want some interesting topic like why does everyone hate imagine dragons, you can read this article for more information.


Fred streams most of his drawing work on Twitch, so you can watch the comic, visual novel, and other work happen live. For those who ordered Kimiko blankets from the Megagear store, Fred has shipped some of them out already and hopes to have them all shipped over the next couple of weeks.

Sorry the visual novel is taking so long. Thank you all again for your patience and support.