The last few weeks were pretty productive for Fred, in spite of losing power and internets for nearly a week due to a bad windstorm in his area. Fred got 4 (!!!!) comics done in March, some good work on the visual novel, and some other artwork as well.


Fred got the last items done on our initial ToDo list for the Piro canon route for book 1. Next up was a thorough review, looking for what needed cleaned up and improved. Fred did some of this live on Twitch.

EarlyLargo LaterLargo

Overall, it looks pretty good. There is a difference in the sketchiness of the artwork between some of the early scenes and later on. You can see it in the Largos and backgrounds above. Much like the real comic, Fred is getting better at this as he goes. He’s trying really hard not to go back and redo all that early stuff, since that would delay things even more. But there is some of that early stuff (like the screenshot above) that he is going to improve. He made a list of things like that during the playthroughs, and that’s what we’ll be working on next.


Shadow got the BakaQuake scene working with the temporary thumbnail sketches that Fred had made. We still hope to replace this with something better later on, but it’s kinda neat the way it is. The music Shaggy made for this scene works really well, and Shadow still wants to add some sound effects. Fred is going to leave these sketchy like this for now, but he does plan to clean up a few of them a bit to make the action more clear.


Fred also had time to do a few story development arts, including the Mugi and Miho above as well as one with ZomZom having a human form like in the Dragon Maid anime.

This past month was also Fred’s most productive for comics in years. It’s really the support folks have given to his new Patreon that has made this possible. Fred is thrilled to be putting out comics at a decent rate again, and long may it continue. Thank you.

Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you all very much for your patience and support.


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