Monthly Archives: June 2014

Slow Couple of Weeks

Progress on the Visual Novel has been slow over the last couple of weeks. Fred got his Cintiq back from repairs, which was good news. But then his mother had some serious medical problems and has been in and out of the hospital, which has understandably affected work on the VN and comic.

He did get a few things done though, including some rough backgrounds for Piro’s shopping trip in Akihabara, which looks like it will be fun.ShoppingRough

Other news tidbits:

TheShad0w is getting close to done with his ren’py flowcharting tool. He has dubbed it Renpedit, and it looks like it will be a big help with keeping all the various story branches organized. You can find it here:

TheShaggyFreak [William Chrapcynski] has been making progress on the background music, recently working on the Narita Airport scene. The few examples I heard sound pretty good. I don’t think he has posted any of the actual MegaTokyo game music online, but you can hear some of his other work here:

Chemiclord [Thomas Knapp] revealed that he has been working on a series of MegaTokyo Endgames light novels, the first of which will be about Pirogoeth’s early years. More here:

And finally, due to some of the changes ongoing at since google bought from them, Fred has once again moved his drawing livestream, this time to twitch. Tune in and join us for the livedraw fun.