Moar Largos

It was another rough several weeks for Fred, but he did manage to get a few things done, including some work on the Visual Novel. Hopefully things ease up on him over the holidays and we can make some good progress on the visual novel and Fred can get the comics back to a more regular release schedule.


Fred drew a bunch of new Largos, which almost finishes off the Largo drawings for the Book 1 Piro canon route. Fred was able to do some of these drawings by modifying ones that were already done. Changing Largo’s shirt or adding Boo on his shoulder in Photoshop are a lot faster than drawing from scratch. But he did have to draw some new poses as well, like the one above, and those take more time. Largo is so expressive that he needs a lot of this kind of thing.


He also colored the Ping CG event for when Ping is first introduced. We’re getting closer to being done with the Book 1 Piro canon route. Next up for visual novel work will likely be a few drawings of Kimiko.


Fred finished the design of the new Miho blanket. The new blanket is only available via pre-order from the Megagear store, and will be available for preorder until 29 December. This is an afghan throw like the other blankets of the last couple of years. It is not a fleece like the original Miho blanket was. Unfortunately the mill that made those old fleece blankets closed down years ago.


Fred put a bunch of new Fine Art Prints up on Megagear. These are mostly from the development art and coloring he has done over the last year or so, and they are very nice. He also put up more Original Arts on Megagear, which are mostly panel art from the more recent comics. This is a great way to help support Fred and MegaTokyo.

Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you all very much for your patience and support.

2 thoughts on “Moar Largos

  1. shadowrunner23

    sounds like he’s had a rough couple of MONTHS! jeez…. well, glad to see progress happening, though i would like to know i there’s been any progress getting the forums running again. I understand teh problems, but there have been some suggestions on how to deal with those issues. while they’re not a hugely active item at the moment, it is nice to have a spot to talk safely about the VN without giving things away.
    (per beta tester NDA)

  2. JBHeroRF

    No matter how long it takes, I’m confident that Fred will make this amazing. He always does great work (despite what he may think) and goes out of his way to make sure things are done well.

    In truth, I’ve never posted on the forums here but I have been venturing to Fred’s stream here and there. I wouldn’t be opposed to helping get the forums active again. Put some fuel in this hype train!

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