Back to School

It was another slow couple of weeks on the Visual Novel front, as Fred put time in on some other things. VN work should start picking back up soon though. Fred and Sarah’s son Jack started back to school, which should give Fred a lot more time for work.


Fred did draw enough Largos to finish off the current Tsubasa apartment scene and into the aftermath. He has also started work on a core set of character images for Largo. That should help us move forward more quickly, once he has it done.


Fred also redrew the main background for the shopping trip in Akihabara. The foreground items, storefronts, and the interiors are on separate layers which move at different speeds as you pan across. It gives it a 3d parallax effect that is really neat. Fred still needs to draw the store interiors, but this was a big step forward.


Fred finished the cover art for Chemiclord’s upcoming Endgames novel about the adventures of young Pirogoeth. Chemi’s recent back surgery was a success, and he’s back at work getting the book finished. It should be out fairly soon, so keep an eye out on Fred’s twitter or facebook, or at Chemi’s blog:


Fred has been doing writing and some initial drawing to revive his old b-comic Warmth. The screenshot above was from some coloring experiments. Hopefully we’ll have more news about Warmth soon.

Fred cleaned up the warehouse and reopened the MegaGear store. His t-shirt printer is still broken, so t-shirts and hoodies are not currently for sale. But the old posters, fine art prints, and various swag are once again available. Fred is looking into alternatives for t-shirts, and he is working on other new stuff for the store.


One of those new things for the store is the 2015 MegaTokyo swimsuit calendar. He will color it, but he is doing the base drawings first, including the lovely Junko above. Look for the calendar soon at

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