I’m back… sorta.

Hello, everyone, Chemiclord here.  I’ve been the quiet one of the development team, with the feeling that once I have something worth saying, I’ll say it.

I was brought onto this project to help Fred with the writing of scripts and alternate paths… and well… it hasn’t really shaped up that way.  Soon after accepting the position, I was laid up with a herniated disc that really limited just what I could do.

Finally, this morning, after all the X-rays, MRIs, nerve block procedures, medications, and other various pokings and proddings, it culminated in surgery to remove part of the L5-S1 disc.  The surgery itself was a success (so successful that the doctors in charge didn’t even feel the need to keep me overnight), but now comes the recovery.  I won’t be back to full speed quickly, but at least I can start to provide the help I was hired to do.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the Endgames novels, and on that score I’ve been able to push through the first draft and begin the revision process.  The goal is to have that ready for sale by the end of the month.  I’ll try to keep people interested updated on my personal blogspace at TKO Creations.

Thank you for the thoughts, and I’ll try to update soon with reports of actual work done!

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