Lost Wings

Fred spent a good bit of time over the last few weeks dealing with ongoing family health issues and moving years worth of accumulated stuff out of the warehouse space he rented to house his (now broken) t-shirt printer and other things for the megagear store. That has cut into his drawing time, delaying the latest comic and much else. But he did still managed to get some nice drawings done, including work on the visual novel, comic, and omnibus.

Inokashira Kichijouji

For the visual novel, Fred drew some more backgrounds. Above you can see the Inokashira rail line and a street in Kichijouji. These are both from Piro’s long walk back to the apartment after he gave his railcard to Kimiko.


Fred also drew a Stop! page for the end of the Omnibus 2, just to remind people that MegaTokyo doesn’t read right-to-left like manga does. Since this one features Asako, I’m almost scared to see what the dialogue is like.


Fred also drew and colored 4 new works in his Lost Wings series, which is set in the world of his old Circuitry omake, inspired by Haibane Renmei. He needed another one of these for the Omnibus 2, but it turned out so well that he drew 3 more. I think these are his best drawing work yet. The originals are mostly sold now, but he should have prints available in the megagear store soon.

The warehouse move should be finished today, which should let him then finish the current comic and get back to a weekly schedule. After a few more days work to finish off the Omnibus 2, Fred plans to concentrate on visual novel work. As always, you can watch him do this live on Twitch.

Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you very much for your patience and support.


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