Almost Preview

We had been hoping to release the what-we-have-so-far preview of the Visual Novel in time for the 2nd anniversary of the kickstarter. Sadly, due to a situation in Fred’s family over the last month, this has been delayed. Fred is back at work, and the preview should be coming within the next few weeks.


Fred did get some more visual novel work done though, including a couple of short mangas for the scene where Piro first meets Yuki and the girls. The one above is Magical Fuwa-Fuwa Kami-chan, which looks pretty hilarious.

We hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming preview as much as we do. Sorry this is taking so long. Thank you for your patience and support.

2 thoughts on “Almost Preview

  1. VocaloidLover

    No matter how I look at it the foreground manga’s title reads “Mahou no Nuigurumi Kami-chan” (Magical Plushie Kami-chan). However, there are a few volumes of a series that seems to read “Mahou Fuwafuwa Kami-chan” (Magical Fluffy Kami-chan), in the background, with the “kami” being written with kanji instead of katakana. A spinoff series? Or something for Fred to get to later?

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