Word Bubbles

Fred got a good amount done over the last few weeks on all of his current projects, including some nice cleanup work on the visual novel.


For some of the early scenes of the visual novel, like here at E3, we had been using temporary backgrounds cropped from pictures. Fred has now gone back and replaced many of those with real drawings. He has some work to do there, but this makes it all look much better.


We made a major step forward in the visual novel from a technical standpoint. Shadow figured out how to replace the Ren’py visual-novel-style overlay box for text with comic-style word bubbles. It looks great and makes the visual novel feel even more like the comic.


Fred did a lot of coloring for the first installment of Warmth and is getting close to finished. He has most of the hard work done and only has two more pages to go. It looks awfully nice, I think.


Fred also made good progress on the omake for between Megatokyo chapters 11 and 12. He has the drawings done and colored for the first installment. He just needs to assemble it, and it should be going up once he finishes posting the current series of DPD character development sketches.


Speaking of the DPD character sketches, Fred will have Fine Art Prints available in the Megagear store today. He would have had them up earlier, but his good printer has been leaking magenta ink, which has taken a lot of cleanup and maintenance time.


Fred has also put some more very nice original art from the Megatokyo comic up in the Megagear store. If you can afford it, they are very nice, and it’s a great way to help support Fred and MT.

We are still making progress on the visual novel, if slower than we would all like. Thank you for your patience. For the 2nd anniversary of the kickstarter in July, we plan to release a preview of what we have done so far to folks who made beta-tester level contributions. It is a long way from finished, but we think you’ll like what we have done.

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  1. shadowrunner23

    i like the idea of teh comic style text bubbles! and congrats to fred on Warmth, i’m definitely gonna try and get my hands on it when it’s out. i’m looking forward to the preveiw as well. keep up the good work team!

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