Fred made some good progress on a number of fronts these past few weeks, including the Visual Novel. But since he has so many projects going at once, he’s spread a little thin.


We made some progress on the Visual Novel. Fred went back and cleaned up a number of missing Largo and Tsubasa drawings. Then he did some of the backgrounds and other artwork for the bookstore scene where we first meet Yuki, Asako, and Mami. The purple squares you see are our reminder that some character images need checked yet. They will be removed once Fred has given them the final seal of approval.


Shadow took some of Fred’s drawings and made a nice little animation in Renpy for when Piro knocks over the table of books.

Warmth ep1p4

Fred made a lot of progress on Warmth. He got some good final coloring done, the dialogue laid in, and a synopsis finished for submission. Things aren’t finalized yet, but the publisher he’s talking to sounds very happy with it.

CharacterDev Colored

Fred continued work on his character development sketches. He did Ayanokouji and started Ninamori, to finish off Junko’s posse of friends. Then he started coloring them, which looks very nice. These should be up for sale in the Megagear store soon.


Chemi’s latest Endgames novel Dire Water was released a couple of weeks ago. This one features Sunay, who is Mugi’s Endgames character. If you haven’t picked it up yet, you can buy it in paperback, or for the Kindle or Nook.

Now that Warmth is in a good place for the moment, Fred’s plan over the next few weeks is to concentrate on the Visual Novel, the between-chapters MegaTokyo omake, and some more artwork for the Megagear store. You can watch a lot of this work live as it happens by tuning in to Fred’s Twitch livedraws.

The Visual Novel is coming along, but very slowly. For the second anniversary of the Kickstarter in July, we’re planning to release a preview of what we have so far, so y’all can get a good sense of how the game is looking.  I think you are going to really like it. Thank you for your support and for your patience.

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