Flowcharting brain burnout and canon paths

If you are wondering what has been up with the MT Visual Novel project for the past few days, lots of this stuff:

Just one of many storypath flowcharts I'm working on.

Just one of many storypath flowcharts I’m working on.

It’s actually kind of interesting (as i already figured it would be) to follow one character’s POV and see things like Piro has NO clue that either of these girls have paid any attention to him at all nevermind done a little obsessing.  Also, its fun that Piro pretty much ignores most of what Largo says.

Anyways, i’ve been immersed in this for the past few days and i need to come up for air soon and do some other stuff (like the next comic and do some updates here and on the KS page and stuff).  The canon run-through structurings i’m working on how are sort of hard to quantify as in how much more there is to do.   One aspect of doing canon paths is that it DOES generate and start to give a sense of structure for the alternate paths, including some possible ones i hadn’t considered before.  Anyways, not the most satisfying update, i know, but i thought id at least give you a small window into this important but not much to show part of the project.

2 thoughts on “Flowcharting brain burnout and canon paths

  1. AlexisTheory

    Is yEd easy to use for this sort of project? I’m currently working on a choose-your-own-adventure style literary project and decided to use Twine for my organizational software of choice. However, it isn’t quite everything I’d hoped. I hadn’t thought about using a flowchart software for outlining the plot threads. Seeing the image above makes me tempted to swap to yEd or something similar.

  2. Con

    Oh coolness, didn’t realize we could reply here!

    The image is very telling, especially the list of doom on the left-hand side. O_O

    I think it’s fine to take a break every now and then. I’m sure it’s a bit trying. ^.^;

    I bet going through all this, and not just re-reading the comic but kind of dissecting it and thinking about how it could be told differently really gives a lot of insight into the comic and characters as a whole. And with each character you go through the story like that with, that insight will grow. That’s pretty awesome. *u*

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